In 2008, Story Inc, Pico (Thailand) and designLAB completed Museum Siam — an explosive success in the Thai museum exhibition scene. The exhibition tells Thai history in a unique way and presents it interactively. It uses an expansive array of technology, spiking interest of museum-goers. Ever since the opening, Museum Siam has set a new standard for exhibition design and museum attraction in Thailand.

Recently, designLAB delivered an object-based exhibition at VR Museum for King Power, Thailand, which focuses entirely on the collection of priceless Buddha images our client collected. To tell the story unobtrusively, we deployed audio guide technology to make the viewing experience seamless.

Aquarium renovations are also part of our portfolio. Our solution to the old and unattractive aquarium at Bueng Boraphet was to recreate a circulation route to tell stories. This not only creates a more attractive environment, but also adds to the visitor experience by strategically adding activities and information.